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VIP Portable Toilets to Hire in Worthing

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Mobile Toilets For School Events

If you are looking for luxury toilets for temporary use at schools or event, you've come to the right place. We offer high quality temporary toilets for School Events throughout Worthing and West Sussex.

We offer free standing units that are all self-contained, with a perfumed fresh water supply and a sealed disposal tank.  

  • Sports Day
  • School Fetes
  • Open Days
  • Christmas Fairs
  • Fund Raising Events
  • School Disco
  • Summer Fair
  • Sponsored Event

This makes it easy for you to set these units up exactly where you need, and because each of our units are contained in their own housing module, you can have us at Posh Loos Sussex set them on site; wherever you may need them.

Posh Loos Sussex can help you with temporary toilet hire and VIP toilet hire for events throughout West Sussex.

Tips for Successfully Organising an Event for Schools

Utilising the tips listed below can help to ensure that your school event can run smoothly and without any issues. Keeping parents and other guests happy is vital in order to have a great event; while keeping your workload fairly light.

Open Ticket Sales Early

Having the opening hours of ticket sales early, but not at a specific time, can help to avoid any rush of guests purchasing their tickets all at once.

Publishing a time frame instead of an exact time can help to avoid this. For instance, instead of posting that tickets go on sale at 2 pm, you can simply state that the ticket counters will be open from 2-6pm.

Avoid Inconvenient Hours

Try to avoid having the ticket counters open at times that your future guests will be busy. For instance, when they are dropping off their kids before starting their morning commute, or when they will be busy preparing dinner at the end of their day.

Finding a time that will suit their needs with their busy lifestyles will help to ensure that you are making the ticket sales, as well as avoid any upset parents calling in to complain because they missed the opportunity to buy tickets.

Make Booking Easy

Publishing your event site on your school newsletter or social media account can help to direct the parents and future guests to where they can find more information. This can also help to enable them to purchase tickets online and avoid the rush of dealing with any type of crowds beforehand.

Take Notes From Last Year

Looking at the same event from the year before can help you to see what worked, and what didn't. 

This will help to avoid any issues that may have come up last year, and make sure that this year's event will go smoothly; both in the set-up and through the life of the actual event. 

Communicating clearly with your guests can also make sure that everything goes according to plan; make sure to manage expectations.