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Building Site Toilet Hire

Having adequate toilet facilities is one of the first things that should be considered when arranging a building site. If you require building site toilet hire call Posh Loos Sussex today. We have been providing toilets for sites across West Suffolk for a number of years.

There are certain things that you need to consider before hiring toilets for construction and building.

Posh Loos Sussex can help you with building site toilet hire for events throughout West Sussex.

Type of Temporary Toilet

There are two main types of toilet that you will have the choice of for your building site. 

Flushing Toilets -These should be used wherever possible. If mains water and drainage are available then the toilets can be connected to these. You can also hire toilets with their own water supply and drainage tanks.  

Chemical Toilets -If you are not able to provide flushing toilets for any reason, then chemical toilets will be the next best option. They are particularly useful as a temporary measure at the start or end of a project. If you have a large site, then they can be an addition to flushing toilets in less busy parts of the site. 

Washing facilities

You also need to provide washing facilities for the workers on your site. As a minimum, the following should be included: 

  • Clean Running Water That Can Be Ran Hot Or Cold
  • Soap Or Some Other Form Of Hand Cleanser
  • Towels Or Something Else To Dry Hands With
  • Ventilation And Lighting That Is Adequate
  • Showers May Also Need To Be Provided Depending On The Work That Is Being Done.

Any sink that is installed in the toilet needs to be big enough for workers to wash not only their hands but also their face and forearms. A small sink and a dispenser for hand sanitiser will not be enough unless there is somewhere else nearby where workers are able to wash properly. 

If separate hand washing facilities are made available then these should not be in the same areas that workers eat, rest and drink. This is even more important if your employees are working with hazardous materials such as lead and cement.

Common Considerations

There are some issues with regards to toilets and washing facilities that you need to be aware of. 

Number of toilets

When deciding the number of toilets you will need on your site you need to consider the number of employees and the ration of men to women. The Workplace Regulations 1992 provides guidance and although this is not applicable to construction sites, it is still a good place to start.

If you are using chemical toilets, then you need to provide one toilet for every seven people that are working full time. The actual number may be higher than this depending on how often they need to be cleaned and serviced.

Men and women

They can both use the same toilet as long as the door can be locked. If female workers are using toilet facilities then you will need to provide sanitary waste disposal. Washing facilities can be shared by men and women. Showering facilities can also be unisex as long as the door can be locked and only one person can enter at a time. 

Electrical safety

If you have hot running water, then it is likely you will be using electricity to power the water heater. This will probably be a 240v heater as this will provide the power that you need. You will need to take the same precautions here as you would with electrical equipment anywhere else on the site. 


It is important that all the toilets are cleaned on a regular basis. You will need to think about the conditions on the site when deciding how often the toilets should be cleaned, such as whether the ground is particularly muddy. 


Consumables such as toilet paper, paper towels and soap can run out more quickly than you may think. You need to make sure that you always have a good supply of these and that they can be accessed easily.

Ventilation and lighting

There needs to be adequate lighting in toilets so that people are not in an enclosed, dark space. You also need to make sure there is plenty of ventilation so that the toilets do not start to smell.